SINCE 1886


Bovelacci has been combining with masterly skills for 50 years, the charm of italian design with modern materials, creating unique, innovative solutions. from classical to original styles, bovelacci produces and sells a vast range of interior decoration products, all over the world, offering its customers the perfect tools for their everyday needs and projects.
The range of Bovelacci products includes lines designed to meet the most different needs and match different settings: the aesthetics of Roman and Greek classic ages, blends with contemporary design and its modern concepts.
Bovelacci has been representing the style of Italian interior decoration all over the world, for 50 years. A long history of passion, expertise, technological research and excellence service.
Only top quality materials are used to create lines especially designed to ensure reliability and ease of use.
Cottages, chalets, countryside homes, attics, mountain cabins, lofts, but also cosy apartments: Bovelacci always makes interiors and exteriors, unique and special, with its quality materials and unmistakable lines.

Marca Corona

Marca Corona has been producing top quality ceramic flooring and wall tiles since 1741. They combine extraordinary technical performances with the typical style and elegance of the best “Made in Italy” products. Marca Corona ceramics are suitable for both residential and commercial areas, for private customers, planners and designers who are looking for that exclusive touch.


Cornelio Cappellini is a family-owned company located in northern Italy, near the wonderful Como lake.
The company bears the name of its founder Mr. Cornelio Cappellini, the honorary president, who passed the management of the society to his son Franco and Claudio and his daughter Lucia.
The deepest genesis of the enterprise is even more ancient as it goes back to Mr. Cornelio’s grandfather, who was an ebonist. A tradition was interrupted for one generation, when is son Claudio, father of Cornelio, chose to work as a shoemaker. This was only a parenthesis of the dynasty, but also a predication of the more artistic potential of the family that would have reached its fullest expression through the nephew carryng the same name.
Since the middle of last century Cornelio Cappellini specialized in the furniture production adopting engineering methods and fishing techniques belonging to the Italian furniture industry handed down from generation to generation.
A path of tradition combined to innovation that brought to a passionate committent to quality, a significant mixture that is keeping on the research of excellence still nowadays.
At the beginning of the new millennium the company realized the great development in the market’s demand along with changes in lifestyle and moved towards a new collection named “Cornelio Cappellini luxury chic“. The new products were designed with a strong glamour accent emphasized through an increasing use of crystals, precious metals, beautiful fabrics and leathers.
Only at the beginning of 2010 Cornelio Cappellini presented the new luxury furniture collection under the mane “haute couture of interiors“. Lacquer painting with pearly colours and the ever increasing use of Murano glass found its best performance, while precious coverings anticipated the new Italian fashion collections.
The very high customization level of the construction, finish and upholstery makes each item a unique piece.


Caspani Tino collections are the essence of a lifestyle, of an emotion, of a colour, of a trip, of a dream. Challenging time and trends, they will bring to Your houses an unchangeable touch of art, originality, history and fashion. It is an attention turned to our customer, who remains in the center of our company philosophy.To better guarantee our customers, the griffe CASPANI TINO – 100% MADE IN ITALY is affixed on each item, thus protecting our collections from counterfeiters’ imitation attempts and giving You the warranty of an authentic and original brand product.


Situated in the heart of Sassuolo, the world’s most advanced industrial area as to innovation, quality, style and technologies, Dom Ceramiche has always stood out as the independent spirit of the ceramic industry committed, as it is, to intense research into raw materials, types of clay and minerals. Materials then converted into ceramic floor and wall cladding.
Dom Ceramiche is also famous for its work with outsourced designers in a constant endeavour to create conceptually different and alternative products.
Dom products have been available from the best dealers in 70 countries world-wide for a number of years.
In addition, support of the Green Building Council Italia, which began years ago and has continued with the ”LIFE” project and the in-house “Live Green” project, has allowed Dom to be active in the environmental sustainability sector.


The business model of DUNE is based in society provide decorative solutions that make up integrated spaces adapted to local demands around the world.
Dune was born in 1993 in San Juan de Moró (Castellón), Spain, as company’s borders and special pieces to decorate ceramic wall and floor tiles. At that time took the opportunity offered by a market where tile had gone from being a “sanitary and hygienic” product to become an essential decorative element. A change that transformed Dune as the company which today allows you to have different collections differentiated but easily combinable between them: Megalos, Emphasis, and Eureka!.
Dune from the beginning has a clear international vision that allows you to adapt to local demands thanks to a commercial network of 11 branches around the world: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Spain, France, Mexico, Portugal, UK, USA Florida and California USA and more than 8000 customers.


Gruppo Ceramiche Gambarelli S.p.a
Italian Luxury Ceramic


Established in 1985 as a company specialised in the installation of sheaths and PVC materials. Today, Impertek is one of the most well-known and successful companies in Italy, as well as abroad, for manufacturing and marketing waterproofing and construction components.


Linea Cali is one of the most well-known door handles manufacturers in Europe, since 1986. The level of experience and manufacturing care allowed Linea Cali to create shapes of all styles door handles and using all types of material: from Rococò to Art Deco, from leather to wood, and from porcelain to Swarovski.
Every handle was designed and created exclusively in Italy, in full compliance with the legislative requirements of European standards.


ADEX is one of the oldest factories in the sector. It was set up under the name of “El Siglo” by Mr. Miguel Piñón Castelló in 1897 and his son D. Miguel Piñón Guinot continued with the business.
The factory, originally placed in the building at present we are still occupying in Onda (Castellón), focused a significant part of its production on the manufacturing of stencilled painted tiles and special pieces, firing in Arabian kilns in accordance with the local ceramist tradition at that time.
Even then, we tried to have Salvador Dalí to collaborate with us, whose drawings were captured in an exclusive collection of tiles. Thanks to such collaboration, our company became one of the first tile-manufacturing companies exporting to the United States of America.
Currently, we are the third and fourth generation running this business, aimed at continuing with the tilemanufacturing family tradition with a long background in meeting our customers’ requirements, offering special products as the ones which have always characterized us.


for Special People


Bronces Mestre S.A. was founded in 1952 in Valencia, Spain. Started his business activity like a small artisan workshop dedicated to the manufacture of high quality and design handles.
The company was transferred to the new and actual location: Polígono Industrial de Masía del Juez, occupying more than 14.000 meters building. From this moment begins a process of modernization with the installation of most innovative production lines of the time, never forgetting the core of the philosophy production: art & handicraft.
Mestre produces a rich selection of classical taps, elegant faucets and exclusive accessories for the bathrooms as well as all the accessories for door, furnitures and window as handles, knobs. Pure brass, Swarovski crystals and best finishes together with experience, know-how and handcrafted work are always essential.
The essence of Mestre production philosophy is the constant research of the perfection. Every single piece has to shine like fine jewelry for the home thanks to the Swarovski crystals and beautiful finishes as real gold 24k.
Mestre designs are classical with elegant shapes and made in Spain following the highest standards of quality for the most exclusive clients.
Mestre is now synonymous with glamour, fashion, elegance. A reference for luxury projects worldwide.

Modenese Gastone

Luxury classic furniture. Since 1818. Handmade in Italy.


Mirage designs and produces porcelain stoneware floors and coverings for commercial, public and residential spaces.
Through solid expertise and “know-how”, Mirage is able to install ceramic solutions that can enhance any design theme in an environmentally-friendly manner. The staff at Mirage have been designing new living solutions for 40 years, collaborating with more than 160 countries around the world. They place a strong focus on the latests trends and constantly carry out innovative research.


Onix is a spanish leading glass mosaic manufacturer, located in Onda (Castellón). The company name refers to the gemstone and it has been the inspiration in the creation of mosaic jewels for different spaces.
The Onix brand has earned international identity by being at the front end of mosaic design. this recognition has been achieved thanks to continuous innovation & avant-garde creations that provide new & amazing possibilities for mosaic applications. Over the last few years architects and designers are increasingly including mosaics in their projects due to its versatility and appealing design.


Product as Substannce, Art as Soul



Excellence in constant evolution as result of never satisfied research. This is the luxury offered by Petracer’s a prestigious wall tile and furnishing brand for bathrooms, spokeman of authentic Made in Italy: inspired to the tradition but bearing the rare skill to be able to renovate it. Thanks to The Angelo marchesi’s passionate creativity, founder as well as actor of all petracer’s collections, including the innovative project Originali interni Italiani, luxury Bath furniture collection created to match harmoniously with Petracer’s ceramic tiles.
From wall dressing to the  furnished environment, the Petracer’s style shows up its extraordinary personality, a perfect whole where any object is well coordinated finding precise assonances among all interior elements, but in the same time gives demanding clientele a free interpretation to decorate its own house making of it an exclusive place.

Ceramiche Piemme

Since 1962, the year it was established, Piemme has been the undisputed protagonist of real Made in Italy – a mix of excellence, passion and creativity. Today, Piemme has reached its first 52 years of activity and is strongly projected into the future while never forgetting the wonderful episodes that have marked its history. The winning idea of tiles designed by the great stylist, Valentino, the advertising campaign of the famous Piemme children, the images taken by the photographer and artist, David Hamilton and the Formula One sponsorships with the legend of Gilles Villeneuve at the wheel of his Ferrari, have always accompanied the Piemme brand at the highest levels, making it a World protagonist. For Piemme, “Made in Italy” is not simply a brand, but an emblem containing all the values of a top-quality product, conceived, designed and made exclusively in Italy, thanks to Italian ideas, creativity and technologies. A product able to proudly show off the “100% Made in Italy” logo.


Situated in the Veneto Region, near Venice, and not far from the cities of Bassano del Grappa and Asolo, Prestige has found its ideal location  in the lands of great artists such as Palladio, Canova and Giorgione; this area has a rich handicraft tradition, with high quality and accurate products, symbol of Italian style and design.
Prestige is inspired by these local traditions fully incarnating the elegance of Italian taste, which is re-elaborated and given new life by creating magnificent works of mastery and paying great attention to every small detail of the furniture and classic wood paneling it manufactures.
Located in an area which is famous for its handicraft and high attention to details, Prestige combines its classic furniture with the various functionalities of modern appliances. The accurate choice of the naturalness of each type of wood and the meticulous attention Prestige pays to every single detail  are indeed the fundamental principles of our business, which boasts a long and thorough experience in the furniture industry, and contribute to the outstanding quality of our furniture.

REFIN Ceramiche
Italian porcelain tiles manufacturer, and innovative tile company Ceramiche Refin
has been a presence on the international market since 1962 and is part of the Gruppo Concorde, the largest ceramic group in Europe.


The company SCAPPINI & C. was founded in 1980, thanks to the initiative and talent of Giovanni Scappini, who passed on his skills to his daughter Chiara and his son Lorenzo, today heading the Board of Directors along with their father.
Well established in the Italian market since the very beginning, the company then started to export its products to about 80 countries in the world. A quality focused approach, attention to details and a sophisticated style are the distinctive features of SCAPPINI & C., together with a fast and efficient service, tailored to the customer’s specific needs and supported by a wide knowledge of foreign languages.
By selecting the skillful craftsmen in the Verona area and with the valuable contribution of capable co-workers, some of them alongside with Giovanni since 1980, the company is constantly growing. In 1998 the business expanded into the Contract sector, by furnishing over 50 prestigious hotels around the world with the well-known classic style of SCAPPINI & C..


Tagina Ceramiche d’Arte was founded in 1973 and was named after the ancient name of its Umbrian hometown, Gualdo Tadino. Result of the initiative of a group of managers, the company represents one of the biggest regional realities and exports over the 70% of its own production of ceramic floor and wall tiles, being a worldwide testimony of quality and Made in Italy typical care. Located from a logistical and cultural point of view outside the “Emilian ceramic district”, Tagina stands out due to its ability to combine the most modern techniques of industrial production of ceramic floor and wall tiles with the heritage coming from the ceramic tradition and from the artisan culture by which Gualdo Tadino is quite rich. The production of majolica with metal effects and the art of hand painting has made famous the Umbrian town since the Renaissance Age. The significant growth of investments in research and technology innovation has characterized increasingly the industrial heart, heart that lives together and is connected to the ceramic “savoir faire” one, binding itself with techniques of ancient age, as for example the “third firing” baking technique, the “plaster casting” technique, the hand painting. The internal laboratory, ”the Atelier” is the centre of activity of research and experimentation of Tagina, able to make any tailor-made floor project with the most appropriate ceramic “suit”. It’s here that planners and architects find attention and innovative solutions, made together with company technicians, and it’s also here where the customized Contract idea is developed. The Contract division is an important segment of the company especially for this reason: provides to the customer a tailor-made product, made together with the planner to cover the living spaces in a perfect way, both for indoor or outdoor. To reach this target, both industrial and the best hand-made techniques are employed. These last hand-made ones in particular allows the making of special pieces dedicated to the planning of “total ceramic” environments. As many architects and interior designers had already the possibility to experiment, Tagina is a precious partner to give space to research, to innovation, to the production of unique and “tailor-made” floor and wall tile solutions that can be applied also on a Contract version on big scale.


Tavar is a great story of passion for wood which started in 1950.
A passion that has evolved and become established over time, making Tavar one of the most important companies in the parquet market.
An efficient innovative company that makes the most of the professionalism and long experience of its technical staff, selecting and offering only the best products, so that parquet becomes a choice for life, with secure enduring hold.
A head office in Ravenna, in the heart of Italy, a city that has always had a destiny of artistic and stylistic beauty.
The production department, occupying 100,000 square metres with 22,000 square metres covered, is located here, in addition to workshops, warehouses and showrooms.


The Valentino Collection

In 1977, Piemme entered into a partnership which enabled it to associate its tiles with the world’s leading designer name, Valentino. Nearly 40 years have passed since then and fashion, with its suggestions and temptations, has by now permeated the Piemme production facilities, reflecting itself in the prime-choice materials that proudly bear this unparalleled designer name and in an exclusive and refined design. Often “the low fashion”, moves faster than time and the present immediately becomes past, and flies away without leaving any trace. Only “Couture fashion” produced by an exceptional and rare aesthetic sense like that of Valentino can allow itself the luxury of competing with time, grasping its most important stylistic phases and fixing them on the naked body of ceramic tiles to dress them in an unmistakable style that will never go out of fashion.


The highest quality porcelain tile floors for those who love the beauty with a unique and modern style: Blustyle by Cotto d’Este offers the quality of porcelain stoneware with simpler solutions in standard thickness, in which attention to detail, high quality raw materials, a distinctive aesthetic appeal and respect for the environment are the fundamental ingredients. The floors designed by Blustyle are the secret to a home in which beauty takes centre stage thanks to reliable solutions that are perfect for cladding existing floors or for installing new ones.

The warranty certified by Panariagroup, a leader in the manufacture of glazed and full-bodied porcelain stoneware flooring, and the creativity of a team of professionals specialized in the creation of innovative and high quality products, give those who choose Blustyle the confidence that they have selected the best porcelain stoneware flooring available, in simple and accessible formats.

The collections of 10mm thick cladding and flooring tiles designed by Blustyle are based on a careful study of the tones and materials best suited to enhancing various areas of the home. With solutions that exalt the most admired aesthetic characteristics of ceramic, these elegant wood, stone, and marble finishes aim to make each space unique through the use of products that have been manufactured according to environmentally friendly methods.


Kerlite is the universal surface for architecture: thin, durable with the exclusive fiberglass reinforcement, versatile and easy to use.
With the extension of its large formats it gives an extraordinary result in terms of beauty and charm in spaces and architectural designs.
Available in thicknesses 3.5, 5.5 mm and 6.5 mm, Kerlite is light, planar, flexible, easy to use, install and clean: a product of excellence, with extraordinary aesthetic aspects of the surface, which is born from an innovative production process, from raw materials of high quality, and from the ultra-annual experience of Cotto d’Este on thin materials.
A unique material with high sustainability due to less use of raw materials and minor environmental impacts in the production and transportation cycle and the many possibilities of application: not only floor coverings but also furniture, complements, kitchens and worktops, ventilated walls, galleries and large works.