Tavar offers a complete range of products for taking care of your floor. A line created from the Tavar’s great experience in the parquet sector and which can guaranty the best performance and quality every day.

Detergent Soap

For periodic cleaning

1 l container

Rinnova – SC 2

Mixture of protective oils and waxes for periodic cleaning

1 l container

Rigenera Bianco

Mixture of protective oils and waxes specific for bleached surfaces

1 l container


Mixture of protective oils and waxes for ordinary maintenance

1 l container

Touch up oil

For touching up the colour or special maintenance

50 cl container

Detergents for varnished parquet floors

Tavar recommends two specific products carefully selected for ordinary maintenance of varnished parquet floors.

CleanWood is a neutral detergent for washing dirty floors. It acts effectively on dirt, rubber marks, various marks, without leaving hazy patches, filling the air with a pleasant scent. Use diluted with water (3-5 caps per litre) or undiluted for local applications.

PoliWood is an aqueous emulsion of industrial wax for maintaining varnished parquet floors. Nourishes, regenerates and pleasantly scents the floor, endowing it with a high degree of non-skid protection and good antistatic features. Use with water (3 cups per litre), with a coverage of 70 m2 per container.

1 l container

Products for outdoor parquet

Maintenance treatment with Deck Oil, is recommended as required in order to slow down natural deterioration of the natural wood colour. To remove the grey patina from wood installed outdoors we recommend using the aqueous solution Deck Wonder.

Deck Oil: 300 cl container – Deck Wonder: 500 cl container

Ordinary cleaning

For normal washing of oil/wax-treated floors use the detergent soap.
If necessary, occasionally apply Rinnova SC-2 (self-polishing oil-wax emulsion) to restore shine.

Washing with detergent soap

After cleaning with an antistatic cloth or with the vacuum cleaner, use about 50-100 mL of detergent soap diluted in a bucket of warm water, wringing the cloth well to prevent the floor from absorbing water. For intense dirt, increase the dose two or three-fold, even using it pure for stubborn local stains, and then rinse. When the floor has dried you can use a floor polisher with soft felt to polish it. This treatment should be done every 10-15 days, but in high traffic rooms it is better to do it every 4-5 days.

Oil waxing with Rinnova SC-2

When the floor is clean (if necessary, first wash with detergent soap), pour Rinnova SC-2 on the floor, apply it with a soft cloth on the entire surface and take care not to tread on it for about 20-30 minutes.
One litre of product will treat about 45 m2 of parquet floor.

Routine maintenance

For routine maintenance, use Rigenera colour toning oil. This type of maintenance must only be performed in case of intense traffic, “greying” or very dull floors treated with oil/wax. Floor maintenance is especially recommended for parquet floors that are “bleached” with Rigenera Bianco or “colour toned” or, in case of exceptional work after assembly and disassembly of furniture or after works on masonry for example.

Restoring shine with Rigenera

After normal cleaning, rinse the floor with warm water and a well wrung soft cloth to remove further traces of dirt or detergent. When the floor is dry, spray Rigenera on the surface and spread it evenly with a soft, clean, dry cloth to make the parquet shine and bring out its hue. Wait at least 2-3 hours before walking on the floor again. Rigenera is a nourishing colour toning oil that must be frequently used in high traffic areas, such as entrance thresholds, steps and corridors. This treatment should be used in houses every 4-5 months but for offices and high traffic rooms it should be repeated every 2-3 months.
One litre of product will treat about 30 m2 of parquet floor.

Extraordinary maintenance

For extraordinary maintenance and restoration of colour Superconcentrated Pigment should be used. These operations should be carried out only by specialised personnel and only where there is local damage to the coloured surfaces.

Restoring colour with Superconcentrated Pigment

In case of removal of the colour after localised damage, sandpaper the area concerned to extend the area to be treated. Then, use a small sponge to apply small doses of “Superconcentrated pigment” to ensure that the area treated is uniform with the rest of the floor. After restoring the colour, apply two coats of “Rigenera” on the area concerned. Then apply “Rigenera” on the entire surface.