The tough dynamic parquet

Stepping Floor is a wood floor that combines beauty, practicality and toughness.
It consists of thick slats assembled together, which create a pleasant effect that harmonises with every location. The highly resistant block structure improves mechanical performance. The extra thickness of the slats makes it possible to renovate the floor a number of times.

Technical data

Medium format: Stepping Floor – Large format: Stepping Floor Maxi


Solid wood slats assembled into rectangular modules. Many small slats form highly compact blocks that are ready for installation. Blocks are 10 and 14 mm thick, 160 – 450 mm wide and have variable but reduced lengths for simple and rapid glue-based laying.


Supplies are always provided in a single format depending on availability.


Single option, outside the UNI EN Table. The presence of small knots, traces of sapwood, processing harsh-grain effect and colour variations is tolerated. Spaces between elements must be filled during installation.

Recommended laying

With bicomponent glues.

slat thickness:

Stepping Floor: mm 14
Stepping Floor Maxi: mm 10

slat width:

Stepping Floor: mm 10/23
Stepping Floor Maxi: mm 10/23

slat length:

Stepping Floor: mm 160/300
Stepping Floor Maxi: mm 350/450

The finishes

Other wood species
Frassino 190
Other wood species
Other wood species
Frassino 215
Other wood species
Other wood species
Teak Siam
Other wood species
Other wood species
Other wood species

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