Terra – floor tiles

From our archives we have selected and re-interpreted in a contemporary fashion geometries and patterns that get new life in the modern style.
The Terra collection recaptures the taste for decoration making it more contemporary the terracotta-cement look is exalted by the hexagonal form and by the classic 20×20 size of the tile.
The 3 warm and 3 cold hues extend across the entire chromatic range to create personalised ambiances that are perfect for every circumstance. The 7.5×30 decors in 3 variants, combined together or with the backdrops, mean being able to create decorated partitions. The decorations, on the 20×20 as well as the hexagonal tile, extend from the geometrical to the stylised floral motif to create extremely decorative ambiances which, at the same time, are also minimal. The patterns can be mixed, creating an infinite number of combinations.