TAVAR SpA is a great story of passion for wood, started in 1950. Established on 8 November 1950, Tavar has become a landmark on the Italian market of parquet floors in just a few decades.
At the Ravenna headquarters situated along the port quays of the Candiano canal, today Tavar owns a surface area of about 40,000 m2, and  22,000m2 of which are indoor areas. Here the management, commercial and administrative offices are situated, in addition to the warehouses for raw material seasoning and finished products, the production facility and the corporate showroom. The sales network counts on capillary distribution all over Italy through leading retailers of construction materials and furnishings, and it also has a significant presence abroad.
Tavar products are the result of carefully chosen and seasoned wood, cutting edge industrial processing methods that maintain the flavor of handcrafting skills, innovative colour treatments and surface finishes. Particular attention is paid to raw material purchasing from FSC certified suppliers, compliance with UNI EN European production standards and “Made in Italy” processing quality. Tavar parquet floors stand out on the market for quality and beauty to better meet the requirements of designers, architects and final clients.

Tavar production initially centred only on traditional solod wood parquet floors but today, besides classical sizes, the company markets 14 product brands, including prefinished multilayer and solid wood floors, specially treated parquets, outdoor floors, furnishing accessories and finishes, accessory.

KORMAX uab is an official distributor of Tavar products in the Lithuania market.