Tavar’s great classics

Those who love wood and want a safe bet, have an embarrassment of choice among Lamparquet, Listoncino and Solista, which are the the most established parquets and are still considered highly by the most demanding clients and designers.

Technical data


Lamparquet: Small blocks with planed and/or lined back.
Listoncino: Medium size blocks with planed back.
Solista: 14 mm thick precalibrated solid boards. Supplied with constant thickness and flatness; sides are shaped with male/female profiles.


Supplies are provided in a single width and several lengths for “ship deck” laying. Requests for single length supplies cannot be accepted.


Special, Standard and Rustic option based on the requirements of the European standard (Table 13226 and Table 13227).

Recommended laying

With bicomponent glues regardless of the subfloor.


Lamparquet: mm 10
Listoncino: mm 10 / 14
Listone solista: mm 14


Lamparquet: mm 40 / 60
Listoncino: mm 70 / 75
Listone solista: mm 80 / 90


Lamparquet: 250 / 300 mm
Listoncino: 300 / 600 mm
Listone solista: 400 / 1,000 mm

The finishes

Teak Siam
Other wood species
Other wood species
Other wood species
Doussiè Africa
Other wood species
Other wood species
Other wood species

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“Made in Italy” Certification

Certification makes it possible to have a guarantee of Italian origin and quality of the products purchased. Certificates are issued by the ITPI (Institute for Protection of Italian Producers) after specific verification of the origin and processing of the product.