For those who love the outdoor life

The perfect place for Deck is outside private homes and in public areas. It provides a way to create beautiful and highly functional furnishing solutions indoors too, especially in rooms where there is close contact with water such as bathrooms, health and beauty centres, swimming pools, external cladding, spa centres, saunas and gymnasiums.

Technical data


Solid wood large strip for outdoor use. One option. The long sides of the strip are rounded and one of the two surfaces has a “no skid” finish. It is laid on floating profiles arranged with variable centre-to-centre distance and implemented with visible screws or with concealed fixing plates in the milling along the long sides of the strip.
Supporting feet with adjustable height are also available. After laying it is recommended to treat the floor with Deck Oil, the oil-based primer for outdoor use.


These are made of high durability woods and aluminium.


Special cylindrical supporting feet in polypropylene with adjustable height and jack-reeded ring nut are available. The feet can raise the floor and level any irregular features in the ground, since they can be adjusted by the millimetre.

Recommended laying

On floating profiles with screws or concealed fixing plates. The joints on board heads require 2 fixing plates per strip.


Deck Tavar 90/100: 19/20/21 mm
Deck Tavar 120/140: 19/20 mm
Deck Import: 19 mm


Deck Tavar 90/100: 19/90/100 mm
Deck Tavar 120/140: 120/140 mm
Deck Import: 80/100 mm


Deck Tavar 90/100 and Deck Tavar 120/140: from mm 800 to mm 2,500
(due to manufacturing requirements, the lengths may be different)
Deck Import: 800/2,500 mm

The finishes

Teak Burma
Deck Tavar
Ipè Tobaco
Deck Tavar
Deck Tavar
Deck Tavar
Ipè Tobaco
Deck Import
Pau Oro
Deck Import

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“Made in Italy” Certification

Certification makes it possible to have a guarantee of Italian origin and quality of the products purchased. Certificates are issued by the ITPI (Institute for Protection of Italian Producers) after specific verification of the origin and processing of the product.