Romantic style and taste

Corte della Rovere is a rustic style parquet which recalls traditional floorboards produced by hand.
It is reminiscent of unfinished wooden floors typical of mountain huts and rustic homes.
The natural features of wood such as knots, flaming, brushing and harsh-grains enhanced by brushing and planing processes are maintained.

Technical data


3-ply engineered floorboard with exceptional sizes, prefinished with “patina” effect varnish. Product made of Oak in 6 colour options, with 4 mm hardwood top layer, single central layer in Spruce and third counterbalancing layer in Oak, with a special
section that enhances stability and elasticity of the parts.
The surface is planed and appears lightly brushed to convey the charm of old floor boards. It has male/female joints and light chamfering on the 4 sides.


Oak: supplies are provided only in 4 widths ranging from 70 mm to 300 mm in the following percentages:
• width mm 70 5-10%
• width mm 150 40-45%
• width mm 200 30-35%
• width mm 300 20-25%


Single Rustic option based on the requirements of the European standard (Table (UNI EN 13489 for multilayer parquet floor with tongue and groove joint)

Recommended laying

With bicomponent glues or floating installation Ideal on heated screeds.


15 mm


mm 70 / 150 / 200 / 300


da mm 1.800 a mm 2.400 (with a possible small percentage of shorter sizes)

The finishes

Patina Ambrata
Noce antico
Patina Bianca


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+ Oak + Stability

Our top lines of the range have a a supporting layer of oak hardwood. Cross-grain laying of the various supporting layers makes it possible to obtain a high degree of stability even on uneven subfloors or if a floating installation is chosen.

High resistance paint

Floors are for walking and running on and so they must be cleaned regularly. This is why Tavar finishes are tested by our laboratories to ensure resistance to wear and routine maintenance.

Underfloor heating

The entire range of Tavar products has been conceived and produced also for laying on heated screeds maintaining all the product guarantees.

“Made in Italy” Certification

Certification makes it possible to have a guarantee of Italian origin and quality of the products purchased. Certificates are issued by the ITPI (Institute for Protection of Italian Producers) after specific verification of the origin and processing of the product.

Skirting board, toruses and thresholds